Granite Cremation Benches

Cremation is the most growing trend for honoring and remembering the life of your loved one. People choose cremation for a variety of reasons: financial savings, philosophical, religious and environmental. Cremation benches have special cavity/cored legs and can be engraved with the individual's name, date and carvings/etchings to personalize the memorial.

Cremation benches are excellent memorials in cemeteries. Cremains can be placed in an urn for permanent containment. Cremation remains may be separated into separate containers according to the family's wishes. They may also be buried in a grave at a cemetery, however the grave charge is considerably less. Cremains may also be scattered on your private property. It is best to consult your local and state laws to determine if a permit is needed. Scattering may by done legally in most states.

Cremains may be placed in a columbarium. Recessed compartments called niches are enclosed by either glass or granite with the name and dates of the deceased. Cremains can be placed in a special memorial garden. Other possible options for cremation remains are: sea scattering, air scattering, balloon release, fireworks deployment, or keepsake jewelry.

Granite Boulder Cremation Benches

Holes are cored inside the bench base and the top is then placed over the base. One to four core holes can be placed in one bench, and possibly more depending on the size of the boulder. Personalization can be added to the top of the bench which can be polished or left natural/sawed. Any design, symbol, photo or scene, etc. can be added to this cremation bench that can be added to any memorial. Your cremation garden bench can be placed in your home garden or memorial location of your choice.

Granite boulder benches offer an excellent place of rest and meditation. They are beautiful, natural additions to home gardens in remembrance of your loved one.